What We Grow

From Farm to Fork

We supply the freshest British produce to retailers and food manufacturers around the world.

We grow a variety of different cabbages, all with the signature Naylor Farms CRUNCH. We also grow potatoes and daffodils.

Lovingly grown crops, rich in flavour.

Our cabbage is renowned for its signature CRUNCH

White Cabbage

White cabbage is our main crop. Round and firm, with tightly packed pale green leaves and a mild sweet flavour. White cabbages are perfect for salads, coleslaws and stir-fries.

Red Cabbage

Add a splash of colour to your plate with this distinctive cabbage. Mild in flavour, it can be eaten raw in salads, pickled, cooked in stir-fries or as the perfect accompaniment for roast dinners.


We are the exclusive grower of Pinkstar cabbage in Europe. A new innovation, it has the same appearance, taste and crunch as red cabbage, without any colour bleeding.


Great tasting Maris Piper potatoes with a bright, clear skin – the perfect all-rounder.

Great for chips, roasting, wedges or mashing.


We grow daffodils from the end of January until mid-April. The bulbs are lifted from the soil and sold in the summer. We export daffodils across Europe.


We grow wheat as part of our crop rotation. The land is rested and it helps to prevent diseases spreading.