QSR Brands Partnership

In 2019, Naylor Farms went into partnership with QSR Brands, an industry leader in Malaysia’s retail food sector and operators of the popular KFC and Pizza Hut chains throughout the country.

In the first half of the year, Naylor Farms became the exclusive premium quality cabbage supplier for KFC Malaysia’s coleslaw – a popular side dish from the menu of one of Malaysia’s favourite fast food outlets.

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A partnership that spans continents...

Sometimes businesses have to look overseas for that perfect product. The fact that our businesses are situated over 6,500 miles apart is a true testament to the outstanding quality of our vegetables, the professionality of our business and the added benefits we bring to international relationships. Years of unparalleled farming expertise and stringent, well-practised quality control processes ensure we can deliver the freshest cabbages from farm to fork, at almost any international location.

With over 600 KFC outlets in Malaysia, it’s no small task to supply enough cabbage to keep that deliciously CRUNCHY coleslaw in production, and enjoyed by customers.We were already well-positioned for the challenge with years of experience working within global supply chains. Being the biggest cabbage supplier in Europe, we are experts in continuous delivery keeping retailers stocked and know the processes inside-out.

Implementing processes for high quality produce

A key part of international food partnerships is ensuring the produce meets the legal and cultural requirements of the country of delivery – this is especially important with Malaysia.

Our British-grown cabbage undergoes meticulous processes for Halal-certification to cater to the dietary requirements of most of the Malaysian population. And, of course, food health and safety is critical and something that cannot be underlooked. We also have implemented our own processes making sure that each and every cabbage has that mouthwatering Naylors CRUNCH before being shipped off.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

The agreement was formalised by Simon Naylor, the third generation of Naylor Farms and Mr Adi Wira Razak, CEO Upstream Division, QSR Brands. Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azahari Mohamed Kamil, Managing Director of QSR Brands and Jennifer Lopez, Executive Director of the British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce witnessed the signing.

“We are excited to venture into this partnership with Naylor Farms who share the same passion and commitment to deliver only the highest quality food to our customers. We also take great pride in serving the freshest and Halal-compliant wholesome food, and this remains at the core of our business, until today.” – Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azahari Mohamed Kamil, Managing Director – QSR Brands.

“This partnership with QSR Brands is an extension of our commitment to quality, where our vegetables are lovingly grown to bring the freshest flavours to our customers in an instant.” – Simon Naylor, the third generation of Naylor Farms.

To date, we continue to provide our delicious cabbages for KFC Malaysia’s coleslaw recipe and are looking forward to future with QSR Brands and other partners.