Our Farm

110 years of growing British produce

From planting the first seed in 1909 to now, we’re dedicated to growing quality British produce. It might look different to how it did 100 years ago, but we’ve evolved to stay up to date with modern techniques. Farming is in our DNA.

We’re committed to always delivering for our customers. Our supply of cabbages, potatoes and daffodils are available for when you need them. This is why we’re the UK’s largest cabbage supplier.

Fresh British Crops

Grown on our Lincolnshire farm

Our farm is situated in the heart of British farmland. The temperate climate helps to maintain the perfect balance between rainfall and sunshine. The land is flat and the soil is rich feeding our crops with all kinds of rich nutrients.

CRUNCHY cabbages, the star of our farm

Enjoyed internationally from the UK to Malaysia

The humble cabbage is versatile and packed full of nutrients. Our special growing techniques give them that signature CRUNCH.

Each cabbage we supply carries the great taste synonymous with Naylor Farms.