High Quality Produce

We know our cabbages

Over 100 years of history goes into each cabbage we grow, so you’ll know when you’re eating a Naylor Farms cabbage.

We cultivate a wide selection of cabbages including white, red, green, savoy and the new pink star variety. We’re committed to producing high quality and safe food for everyone to enjoy.

We go to great lengths to make sure that all our produce is grown in a sustainable and ethical manner. This means we look after everything, from soil and land management to the way we harvest.

Quality Management System

Grown on our Lincolnshire farm

From farm to fork the process may seem simple, but a lot of thought and effort goes into each stage. We won’t let anything we grow leave the farm unless we are confident it will taste great.

To protect that perfect CRUNCH, we check our crops, making sure that they meet all safety standards and industry regulations. We developed our quality management system to ensure consistency in each process.

We train and instruct everyone who works on our farms about the Naylor Farms process. We work hard to ensure all our employees to be healthy, safe and happy at work.


Knowing where your food comes from is an important factor in the purchasing process. We understand the need to provide a product that not only tastes great but has a full history and is ethically sourced.

Naylor Farms is vertically integrated, meaning we have full ownership of the supply chain. We can provide information on everything we grow, so you needn’t worry about where it comes from.